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Javea has various commercial premises for sale or to let, ranging from small spaces suitable for a hairdressing salon or a small shop to large industrial buildings suitable as showrooms or warehouses.

Sought-after Javea commercial premises include bars and restaurants, along with empty locales, which the new owners will refit for their desired purpose.

Javea Commercial Premises “Traspaso”

The cost for business premises in Javea varies greatly, depending on several factors. These incorporate the size of the local, the location, and existing equipment.

A high percentage of businesses in Spain are leasehold, so you take over the lease, you pay a sum to the previous leaser for the “traspaso” or transfer of the premises. The price includes fixtures, fittings, and goodwill. Goodwill covers non-tangible assets such as a regular client base.

On top of the leasehold, which you pay to the person leaving the property, there will be a monthly or yearly rent payable to the owner. In this scenario, when you vacate the premises, you should be able to sell the lease on or empty the business and sell the equipment and fittings,

You must seek legal advice before paying for a lease. A lawyer will determine you are not signing a simple rental agreement described as a lease because if that were the case, you could not sell it on. With a legal traspaso (or cesión as it is professionally named) you can sell it when you leave, but only after giving the landlord the possibility of the first refusal.

Renting Commercial Premises

There is no large outlay when renting premises as with a lease, but suitable rental premises are not always easy to find. As with a lease, when you see business premises to rent, get a lawyer to check the contract thoroughly to ensure the property owner cannot cancel the contract, forcing you to move out.

Freehold Commercial Premises

Owning freehold premises gives you the freedom to modify the property as you wish (within the law), and you can let the property if you retire or get tired of running the business. Furthermore, you will not have to find a monthly rent after buying freehold premises, although there will be community fees to pay if your local is part of a building.

Get in touch if you are searching for an existing business or premises to begin a new commercial venture. Many of the best commercial premises are snapped up quickly, and the departing owners don’t need to advertise on regular real estate agency listings. Whether it’s a bar, restaurant, shop, or a service-orientated business you have in mind, let us know what you require, and we will do our best to find you the ideal spot.